We present you the dust-water-shockproof smartphone VIKING THOR. It is worked out by European engineers and meet the maximum indicators of protection and performance. Today VIKING THOR is the most productive of the rugged smartphones. The level of protection also maximizes both the dustproof, waterproofy IP 68, and shockproof.



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VIKING THOR has the highest rate of protection for electronic devices. Dust-water protection corresponds to the European standard IP 68 (full dust protection, the ability to survive a dive to a depth of 2m within 1 hour). In practice, the phone exceeds this standard and is able to survive several hours immersion in water at a depth of 2м.



The shockproof thanks to Gorilla Glass2 on the screen and rear camera of the phone + damping properties of the housing and fasteners allows VIKING THOR to withstand a fall from a height of 2m as on smooth concrete floor, and the limit loads in the form of the screen's fall down on the granite sharp rock with a height of 1,5м. The producer guarantees the operability of the phone after 26 drops from a height of 1,2m on the concrete floor (shock resistance according to MIL-810G).


Satellite navigation system, provide a measure of distance, time and determine mestopolozhenie anywhere on the planet Earth. It can be used in any weather on the Earth and in near-Earth space to determine the location and speed of the phone Viking.


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